DWCS Week 3 2022 Odds and Predictions

 DWCS Week 3 2022 Odds and Predictions

DWCS is back with five battles and invigoraating new kids in town including the second MMA battle for NCAA Division 1 grappler Bo Nickal. The DWCS Week 3 2022 chances are pulled from Betonline.ag, one of our top UFC wagering locales, with astounding first time bettor rewards.

DWCS Week 3 Odds

A large number of these battles, including the headliner, merit considering for a parlay pick. We offer high gamble and low for every session. Center around the parlay for the lower risk wagers. 토토사이트

Zachary Borrego +1350 versus Bo Nickal - 2450

The headliner is supposed to be the most uneven battle of the evening. Nickal was a prevailing grappler and his most memorable battle for IKON was a ground strikes knockout inside 33 seconds.

His initial two amatyer sessions were additionally fast wraps up.

Borrego is an expert, however his powerlessness to complete will set him back. He was outwrestled on different occasions in his amatuer profession by contenders with practically zero wrestling foundation.

DWCS Week 3 Betting Odds for Zachary Borrego versus Bo Nickal

Wager Odds

Borrego Money Line +1250

Nickal Money Line -2450

Goest The Distance Yes, No +500, - 800

Nickal by TKO -225

Nickal Inside the Distance -1500

Borrego +3.5 Points +900

Borrego focuses spread is fascinating. On the off chance that he can go all the way and win even one round, it's a nine times payout on your bet. Not something we're willing to take a chance subsequent to looking into his battle tape.

High Risk Prediction: Goes the Distance, No - 800

Nickal has entries on his record, and ATT's BJJ program is first class under Marcos DaMatta. Borrego has been submitted previously bing news  bet on the knockout win.

Generally safe Prediction: Nickal Money LIne - 2450

The DWCS chances are being liberal to Borrego. This is a Bo Nickal invite party, and I'm certain we'll see a completion inside two rounds. Borrego could get by, yet I give it under 1 out of 10 chances.


Paulo Renato Jr. +248 versus Jamal Pogues - 288

Renato is on a nine battle series of wins and has essentially all completions starting around 2016. He's confronting Pogues, a contender with three loses by finish. Pogues shocked us with a choice over Marcos Brigagao in 2019, then, at that point, immediately lost to LFA's Alex Polizzi in 2020.

DWCS Week 3 Betting Odds for Paulo Renato Jr. versus Jamal Pogues

Wager Odds

Renato Money Line +248

Pogues Money Line -288

Goes all the way Yes, No +250, - 325

Pogues by TKO +150

Renato Inside the Distance +350

We're stunned to consider Pogues to be the #1, until we saw Renato's battle record. He's never beaten a rival with multiple battles who didn't have a horrible record. The nature of contender Renato is confronting is low, yet his power is unquestionable.

High Risk Prediction: Renato Inside the Distance +350

Renato has knockout power and has scored three straight.

He's a competitor and there's no taking that from him. Pogues is just a superior striker, however his jaw is being referred to.

Okay Prediction: Pogues Money Line - 288

This man's capacity to uncover misrepresented warriors is best in class. He needs completing power, yet he's over and again set undefeated contenders straight on the off chance that they don't have the expertise to hang with genuine kickboxers. His experience with Joe Stevenson has emphatically worked on his BJJ.


Anvar Boynazarov +120 versus Erik Silva - 140

This is an exemplary striker versus grappler coordinate. The 8-1 Silva is on a five battle accommodation streak, all inside the primary round. He's battled for LUX, with a developing expertise pool of Latin American competitors. Boynazarov is a Tiger Muay Thai hitting master with kickboxing prevails upon Giga Chikadze and Bailey Sugden. He's changed to MMA with three knockouts one after the other.

DWCS Week 3 Betting Odds for Anvar Boynazarov versus Erik Silva

Wager Odds

Boynazarov Money Line +120

Silva Money Line -140

Goes all the way Yes, No +250, - 325

Silva by Points +400

Boynazarov by TKO +185

Silva could win by focuses, piling up takedowns to score adjusts. I don't believe it's logical. The two men are hoping to dazzle, and DWCS has been clear about its goals; make contenders put on an act. 먹튀검증 사이트 추천

High Risk Prediction: Boynazarov by TKO

I question the expertise of Silva since he's a mentor that runs his own school. It's difficult to track down individuals to push you at your own institute, and hardly any can do it admirably. Boynazarov can get you with knees on the way in for simple TKO's on a grappler.

Generally safe Prediction: Goes the Distance No - 325

Either warrior gets a simple success here. Boynazarov's catching is almost untested, and his best rival was 4-2. We might see a first round finish, or a late upset after an exhausting mental contest.


Clayton Carpenter - 340 versus Edgar Chairez +280

Undefeated Flyweight Carpenter is out of the MMA Lab in Arizona. He's done four warriors in his long term expert vocation, most as of late a thirteen second head kick. Chairez is a finisher too, with turning elbow and flying knee knockouts. This battle could go one way or another.

DWCS Week 3 Betting Odds for Clayton Carpenter versus Edgar Chairez

Wager Odds

Woodworker Money Line -340

Chairez Money Line +280

Takes care of business Yes, No +190, - 230

Clayton by Submission +175

Chairez +3.5 Points +155

Chairez point spread is a moderate wagered, taking into account that Clayton has a superior catching foundation. On the off chance that it's a choice, it ought to be Clayton's battle.

High Risk Prediction: Chairez Money Line +280

Battle tape for Chairez shows one punch knockout power that couple of have at 125. He tosses his entire body into punches such that will be dangerous against prepared strikers, yet can without a doubt make it lights-out time for anybody.

Generally safe Prediction: Goes the Distance No - 230

Between their sixteen genius sessions, these warriors have seen a choice each. We're searching for first round gets done, and early hostility for a flyweight fight that ought to be battle of the evening.


Sandra Lavado +195 versus Karolina Wojcik - 230

Wojcik has been a bad dream in the KSW and European MMA scene starting around 2016. She's a thrilling high volume striker with accommodation expertise, however has attempted to get the completion in her last eight battles.

Lavado battles to get nice rivalry in Peru and Mexico.

Her last success was north of a 0-1 warrior through choice.

DWCS Week 3 Betting Odds for Sandra Lavado versus Karolina Wojcik

Wager Odds

Lavado Money Line +195

Wojcik Money Line -230

Takes care of business Yes, No -325, +250

We're risking everything and the kitchen sink is intriguing, and you ought to avoid some technique for triumph wagers except if you believe Lavado's BJJ continue surpass' Karolina's. The DWCS Week 3 chances offer an unconvincing - 165 for a Wojcik choice win. CHECK HERE 

High Risk Prediction: Goes the Distance Yes - 325

This bet is a more prominent #1 than Karolina, yet fans seeing battle tape might neglect to see the distinction in expertise. We figure Wojcik will sparkle, yet this ought to be to a greater degree a point battling match rather than a slug fest.

Generally safe Prediction: Wojcik Money LIne - 230

Wojcik has beaten better warriors in general and her record shows more predictable completions against bad quality rival's. Were likewise worried about Lavado's size and that it's more qualified for the 105 pound atomweight division.


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